November 3

Very sad news. Kanaka has moved on to his next adventure. We had him scanned in September and everything looked good. He was due for another scan on the 11th of this month. He had been getting around pretty well as a tripawd with the help of ramps to his favorite places.

About a week ago he started having trouble breathing. We took him to our vet and they said to get him to emergency right away. He spent two days there getting fluids and having fluids removed. Turns out the sarcoma had spread to his chest and was causing fluid build up around his lungs and heart. We brought him home yesterday and called Dr. Beth from Compassionate Care Services (Oregon City, OR). She came to our house to help ease his transition to the next adventure.  Thanks to all who posted responses. It helped a lot through those early days.

He was a great friend and we will miss him very much. A very brave and loving creature. Aloha.

Week 3

It has been a while since we’ve posted here. Kanaka has been finding more of his old self and favorite places. He is still a little unsteady when he wakes up, but if there are shrimp involved he can move surprisingly well (and fast). We have placed a couple of ramps so he can get to some of his old places. A long one in the bedroom allows him to get up and look out the window. He took to that one right away – and it is 6′ long! The shorter ones we bought on Amazon and have adjustable height. The carpet that came installed on these was a type of indoor/outdoor that has been reversed to put the anti-skid surface on the outside to help your animal get some traction. Did not work so well for him. Pulled the carpet and put some short shag on there (remnant from local flooring store) and secured the legs with plastic wire ties. Still could not coax him up. Got some catnip spray. That did the trick! This morning he came up on our bed and snuggled down where he like to be without any prompting or help. Big surprise for us and made us very happy. We are all having to adjust our lives a bit, but we are looking to many more years with our furry, three legged family member. We want to thank all the folks that have posted responses to this blog. Your encouragement is very much appreciated.

Days 5 & 6

Kanaka is moving about with more confidence. He is sleeping well and does not appear to be uncomfortable or in pain. Appetite is good and much purring and affection. He will come out of the pen in the morning and will stay out all day (under supervision – no cleaning of the incision yet). He is finding his favorite places and making some new ones due to limited vertical mobility. We are looking forward to when we can put the pen away and no more cone at night (still hates it, who doesn’t?). As can be seen the incision is healing nicely. It will be much better once the fur grows back in. Not into the buzz cut look on a cat!